Ghana Internet Censorship – 2008
The government of Ghana is eager about the growth of media in Ghana, However it has also complained that journalists often disregard the importance of accuracy in their work and have called for journalist in the country to set up a commission to oversee their

Journalists on the other hand have expressed concerns about a lack of protection for their work.
Journalists in Ghana look to achieve the same rights their American counterparts have with respect to free speech and often indicate they have less freedom in Ghana. This manifests itself in a fear of reprisal for writing unfavorable articles or stories abou the ruling government, or even from conducting basic investigations into the government. This indicates the two sides having different views on censorship in the country.

Ghana is not categorized by ONI and is not on RSF’s internet enemy list.Reporters sans frontières
(Reporters Without Borders – RSF). In 2002 the government censored news about tribal violence in
northern Ghana